Popular Upgrades

Add Extra Functionality Quickly

Add any of the following value-added features for additional flexibility and functionality to your FreedomNumber® virtual phone number. Simply contact our support team anytime after you sign up and they'll assist you with adding the desired upgrade.

Transfer Existing Local Number
Keep your existing local telephone number by transfering it to us. By porting your existing number you get all our advanced features and benefits, without having to change any of your advertising or the number your customers use to call you.
limited time offer
Professional Voice Talent
We offer a variety of voice talents to help give your phone system a professional sound. For more information, click here.
quoted per script
Personalized On-Hold Music
Upload your own music track for your caller's to hear while they're on-hold. You can manage your personalized on-hold music through your online control panel and is updated instantly when you make a change.
Toll-Free Number
Add a toll-free number to your account as needed. Having multiple numbers is useful in tracking advertising reponse. Use call reports to filter by number and determine which campaign is most effective and metrics like average call time to gauge response quality.
per number
Additional Local Numbers
Add multiple virtual local numbers in different cities and states to track your advertising response. Use call reports to filter by number and easily track the effectiveness of your direct response campaigns by seeing which areas generate the most calls. Each local number comes with a 2-line capacity.
per number
Additional Line Capacity
Add additional line capacity to any active number on your system. Additional lines allow for a greater call capacity, meaning your local number can handle more simultaneous calls at any one time.
for 2 lines
Dedicated Fax Number
Dedicate a separate local phone number just for faxing. Dedicated virtual fax numbers answer with a fax tone to make fax connections faster. Each local fax number comes with a 2-line capacity.
per fax number
Additional Mailboxes
Add additional mailboxes anytime (sold in sets of five). Each mailbox has its own extension and offers complete functionality including call forwarding, voicemail and message notification.
set of 5 mailboxes
Random On-Hold Music
Select one of our pre-configured popular music genres that will randomly select a new on-hold music tune for your callers to enjoy.
Call Queuing
During peak business hours, you may not be able to answer every forwarded call. Rather than sending these calls to voicemail, keep your callers on the line listening to hold music while we continue to try to reach you. You can configure the maximum hold time, whether callers are told their position in the queue, and whether you hear an indicator on your live calls when another caller enters your call queue.
Dial By Name Directory
Project a big business image while adding convenience for your callers by letting them dial the first few letters of an employee's first or last name to find their direct extension. We confirm their choice and connect your caller to the person they're looking for automatically.
Call Record
Call Record provides you with the ability to record incoming calls. Choose to record every call you receive, or use call recording only on certain mailboxes. It's an ideal solution to train employees, monitor and maintain the best customer service, record disputes or check the accuracy of order fulfillment.
special pricing offer
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Voicemail Transcription
We'll transcribe your voicemail into text and send it along with the original audio file to your email. By reading your voicemail messages, you can scan content to get right to urgent messages, sort, copy, paste, print and forward important messages plus your messages will be searchable using common search tools.
411 Directory Listing
Get your new virtual phone number published in the White Pages / 411 Directory. Typically takes 3-4 weeks to get published. There is a monthly service fee to maintain the listing as well as a one-time fee to setup the listing.
plus $10 setup
Information Extentions
Create unlimited extensions for informational recordings and fax-on-demand documents. It's a great way to automatically inform your callers about products, services and just about anything else you can think of. Information extentions start from options 1-4 off the main menu and its elegant design makes it easy to set up and maintain.
Empower your customers to help themselves to printed information using Fax on Demand. Load fax documents into your account, creating a library of documents that callers can request via fax instantly, any time of day. Ideal for order forms, product sheets, maps or anything else you want your callers to access on-demand 24 hours a day.

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