New Customer Help

This help section is designed as a quick reference to help new customers get pointed in the right direction. For detailed instructions on configuring your service, please refer to the user guide, the support section in your web control panel or by contacting support.

How do I transfer my existing phone number?
Download our number transfer form and follow the instructions on the number porting checklist. For questions specific to transferring your phone number, use the contact information on the form for fastest results.
I have not yet received my welcome email, what should I do?
If you were assigned a 6-digit customer id after signing up, then contact support and have the check the email address on file, then re-send it.

If all you received was an order number, then it's possible your virtual phone number is not yet active. If all you have is an order number, call 1-800-931-9795 and give the representative your order number so they can investigate the status of your order.

If you do not have an customer number or order number, click here.
I just want to have my virtual number ring to my existing phone. How can I set this up?
The setup instructions to configure this yourself is located in your user guide under Immediate Call Forwarding, but the fastest and easiest way to configure it to immediately forward is to contact support and have them configure it for you. It takes just a few minutes and your service will be working exactly how you want it. Then you can take your time and review the user guide at your own pace.
How do I setup the "After Hours Greeting"?
You need to contact support to setup the desired times which you want after hours greeting enabled. Support will also help with instructions for creating the custom after hour message.
How do I make an outbound call so callers see my virtual phone number as the caller id?
Dial into your virtual phone number, press the star(*) key followed by a call forwarding extension (e.g. "* 801"). You will be prompted to enter your password, followed by #. You will be presented with a list of voicemail box options. Dial 0 to access your cardless calling card. Enter the area code and telephone number you wish to call.
How do I receive faxes?
Your virtual phone number is already configured to receive faxes, you do not need to do anything to enable this functionality. However you will probably want to designate a default mailbox for your faxes and then setup notifications so you know when new faxes arrive. Contact support or refer to the user guide for specific instuctions on how to do this.
How do I log to my account?
Click here. Alternatively, from the top of this page, click "Existing Customers", then choose "Account Log In".
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