Portability Policy

You retain control of your FreedomNumber® virtual phone number(s) and can move ("port") your number(s) to a different carrier anytime, given your account is active and in good standing with no unpaid balance due.

We do NOT charge any fee in the case you want to cancel service with us and retain your number by transferring it a new service provider.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, we have a few reasonable requirements for transferring a number away, most of which are designed for your protection as an active FreedomNumber® customer:
  1. You must be a FreedomNumber® customer for at least 30 days.

  2. Your account must be in good standing (e.g. no unpaid invoices or fraudulent charge attempts, etc.).

  3. Your change of RespOrg form (transfer request) must have the appropriate information to confirm your identity.
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