How does it work?

It's Simple, Powerful and Always Flexible.

Configure your virtual phone number to work as you need it. Each FreedomNumber® plan can be configured in multiple ways. Callers to your virtual phone number can go directly to voicemail, be forwarded directly to another number (or numbers) or be answered automatically, giving your company a polished and professional image. It's as simple or as powerful as you want it to be for your business.

When a caller dials your virtual number, what do you want them to do?

Have callers directed to voicemail

Leave a Voicemail

Callers dial your virtual number and get voicemail. Be notified of messages by email or sms/text.
  • Screen Callers - Use voicemail to screen unwanted calls and stay more productive.
  • Convenience - Be notified of new messages instantly via email or sms/text.
  • Multiple Mailboxes - Use multiple voicemail boxes for departments or employees.
Option 1 - Toll Free Voicemail
Send callers directly to your existing numbers

Immediately Forward

Callers dial your virtual phone number and forward directly to your existing phone number(s).
  • Privacy - Add an extra layer of privacy by protecting your personal number.
  • One Number - Get a permanent business number and never worry about moving locations.
  • Call Tracking - Measure business call volume and track advertising effectiveness.
Option 2 - Straight forwarding
Provide your callers with a more professional image

Professional Greeting

Callers dial your virtual number and an auto attendant answers, screens and routes calls for you.
  • Sound Professional - Project a professional, well-established image for your small business.
  • Be Productive - Allow callers to decide who to talk to without interupting anyone else.
  • Stay Connected - Advanced call forwarding finds you whether you're in the office or on the road.
Option 3 - Professional image
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