Virtual Phone Numbers

Do I need any special equipment?
No. FreedomNumber™ is virtual so no special equipment is needed. It works with your existing phone service, regardless of phone type (i.e. landline, mobile, voip, etc.).
Does FreedomNumber™ replace my phone service?
No. Our service is designed to work in conjunction with your current phone service. We don't provide dial tone. We only service the incoming calls from your FreedomNumber™ number. Your everyday outgoing calls will remain with your current local, long distance and/or cell provider.
Can I pick my own virtual phone number?
Yes. The first part of the sign up process allows you to choose your own virtual phone number.
Can I transfer my existing telephone number?
Yes, you can transfer your existing phone number to us. The process is simple. First sign up for an account with us, then fill out our local number transfer form that we'll provide to you after you sign up. We'll then act on your behalf and contact your current service provider and handle all the details. Be sure to check out these tips on expediting your phone number transfer.
Can I have multiple virtual numbers on one account?
Yes, you can add additional virtual phone numbers from any available city in just minutes. Each additional virtual phone number is $10 per month.
Are there any usage rates for virtual phone numbers?
Yes, but only when calls are forwarded. Incoming calls do not incur any per minute usage fees. Forwarded calls do and are deducted from your plan's included minutes. If you go over your plan's allotted minutes, each minute is billed at the pre-determined overage rate for that particular plan.
Do you offer toll-free numbers?
Yes. You can add a toll-free number anytime after your account is created for just $5 per month. If you prefer to have a toll-free numbers as the primary number on your account, visit our sister site
How many calls can my virtual phone number take at a time?
Your FreedomNumber™ virtual phone number can receive two (2) simultaneous inbound voice or fax telephone calls at any one time. This means if two callers are connected to the system through your virtual phone number, the third caller will receive a busy signal. You can increase this capacity by ordering additional lines in sets of 2 for $10 per month.
Will a virtual phone number capture Caller ID?
Yes, unless the caller has their number blocked. Virtual numbers do not have the same capability of defeating caller ID blocking as do toll-free numbers. If the caller blocks their number, our system will not be able to capture the caller's telephone number.
Can I keep my virtual phone number if I choose to cancel?
Yes, as long as your account is in good standing (i.e., there are no unpaid balances or issues with violating the terms and conditions of service). Your new provider will supply you with the necessary forms to have your number transferred from us.
Can I request a specific telephone number?
No, not at this time. We have a stock of numbers available for you to choose from, but you must select a number from our inventory to get started.
Will you list my number with 411?
We do not publish your virtual phone number anywhere unless you want. As an additional service, we can publish your virtual phone number in the White Pages / 411 Directory which typically takes 3-4 weeks to get published. Check out popular upgrades for more on this.
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