Virtual Phone Number Minutes

Are there any usage rates for virtual phone numbers?
Yes, but only when calls are forwarded. Incoming calls do not incur any per minute usage fees. Forwarded calls do and are deducted from your plan's included minutes. If you go over your plan's allotted minutes, each minute is billed at the pre-determined overage rate for that particular plan.
What if I go over my monthly included minutes?
You'll be charged per minute at the overage rate for the plan you're subscribed to.
Do unused minutes rollover?
No. Unused minutes expire at the end of each billing cycle.
Can I check my minute usage during the month?
Yes. We provide full call reporting which includes a total of your monthly minutes.
Are minutes used when calls are forwarded?
Yes. When callers dial your virtual phone number, minutes are incurred when we forward calls out to you.
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