Getting Started with FreedomNumber®

How quickly can I get started?
Your account and virtual phone number are activated immediately upon sign up. Sign up only takes a few minutes.
Are there any contracts?
No. You subscribe to our service month to month and can cancel any time, without penalties or cancellation fees.
Is there a setup fee to open an account?
Do I need any special equipment?
No. FreedomNumber™ is virtual so no special equipment is needed. It works with your existing phone service, regardless of phone type (i.e. landline, mobile, voip, etc.).
Does FreedomNumber™ replace my phone service?
No. Our service is designed to work in conjunction with your current phone service. We don't provide dial tone. We only service the incoming calls from your FreedomNumber™ number. Your everyday outgoing calls will remain with your current local, long distance and/or cell provider.
Can I have calls forwarded directly to phone without playing the main menu greeting?
Sure. You choose to bypass the main menu and have all incoming calls immediately forwarded to your existing phone. This will essentially act as a separate phone number providing a layer of privacy for you or your business.
Can FreedomNumber™ be used for voicemail only?
Yes. If you choose not to use call forwarding, all incoming calls will go directly to voicemail. If you'd like to use FreedomNumber™ as voicemail for your existing service, have your local phone company forward to your FreedomNumber™ number after a certain number of rings or when busy.
Do I have to record the greetings myself?
Yes, if you want them customized for your business. We offer default messages that are generic and designed to get you up and running quickly. You can opt to use these standard greetings or personalize them for a more custom sound.

You can record greetings over the phone or upload them from your computer. We also offer professional voice talent services if you want a more polished sound.
Can I upgrade plans at anytime?
Yes. You can upgrade (or downgrade) your plan anytime. The new plan will go into effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle.
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