Common Pre-Sales Questions

Are there any contracts?
No. You subscribe to our service month to month and can cancel any time, without penalties or cancellation fees.
Does FreedomNumber™ replace my phone service?
No. Our service is designed to work in conjunction with your current phone service. We don't provide dial tone. We only service the incoming calls from your FreedomNumber™ number. Your everyday outgoing calls will remain with your current local, long distance and/or cell provider.
Can I transfer my existing telephone number?
Yes, you can transfer your existing phone number to us. The process is simple. First sign up for an account with us, then fill out our local number transfer form that we'll provide to you after you sign up. We'll then act on your behalf and contact your current service provider and handle all the details. Be sure to check out these tips on expediting your phone number transfer.
Do unused minutes rollover?
No. Unused minutes expire at the end of each billing cycle.
Can I upgrade plans at anytime?
Yes. You can upgrade (or downgrade) your plan anytime. The new plan will go into effect at the beginning of the next billing cycle.
Are there any fees or taxes?
Yes. We're in regulatory compliance with the FCC and other government agencies to collect applicable fees and taxes. For more on these fees, click here.
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