Common Customizations

Fully Customized Functionality

Our virtual phone system platform was built from the ground up, so we can create unique features and functionality. Other providers just offer industry standard cookie-cutter functionality, but can help you design a custom solution to match your exact needs.
  • Special Call Routing Logic
  • Promotional Code Capture
  • Database Storage and Access
  • SOAP API Integration

Popular Customizations

All custom functionality is priced on a project by project basis. For pricing or more information, please contact us.
Digit Capture
Allows callers to enter information using their touchtone keypad. The digits pressed are captured and are either e-mailed or displayed in the system control panel.
Message Confirmation
Give your callers the option to review their voice message before sending to you.
Internal Mailbox Number Rotation
Callers are distributed equally to phone numbers within one mailbox on a "round robin" basis. In the event a number is busy it will go to the next number in sequence until all numbers have been exhausted.
Call Forward to Operator
All calls are immediately forwarded to a designated mailbox for live answer. If no one answers live, the call is reverted back to the main menu greeting.
Ask for Name & Number Before Fax Back
Used in conjunction with Fax-on-Demand this feature prompts callers for their name and number before sending them their requested fax back document.
Mailbox Rotation
Rotate callers between any of the mailboxes on your system.
Message Confirmation Number
Provide a confirmation number to callers who leave a voicemail message. Confirmation numbers can be emailed or displayed in the web control panel along with the caller's message.
Mailbox Call Forwarding Roll Over
Callers are rolled over to another mailbox if the initial mailbox doesn't get a live answer.
Time of Day
Greet your caller's with "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", or "Good Evening," depending on what time of day it is. Time is based on the time zone of the system owner, not the caller.
PIN Protection Mailboxes
Require callers to enter a PIN code in order to access any particular mailbox recording.
Mailbox Rotation with Call Rollover
Rotates callers between any group of mailboxes on your system. In the event a mailbox doesn't get a live answer, it will rotate to the next mailbox until all mailboxes have been exhausted.
Disable Voicemail
Disable voicemail on any mailbox while keeping the outgoing greeting and optional call forwarding functionality.
Multiple Main Menus
Have different main menu greetings that all share the same mailboxes and options. The greeting played is based on the main number that is dialed.
Mailbox Number Routing
Direct your FreedomNumber® number directly to a specific mailbox.
System Call Rotation
Rotate incoming calls between groups of FreedomNumber® numbers/systems. Great way to distribute leads in a co-op situation where each user in the rotation pays for their own system and calls. A master number is advertised to bring calls to the rotation. Each individual will also have their own number to access messages and for direct advertising.
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