About Us

Who We Are

FreedomNumber.com is owned and operated by Telecentrex Communications, a privately-held marketing company specializing in innovative cloud-based telecommunications services. The virtual phone service offered through FreedomNumber.com is powered by FreedomVoice, a high tech telecommunications innovator headquartered in Encinitas, California.

What Is Virtual Phone Service?

Virtual phone service is part of a cloud-based telecommunications network. It's used mainly for inbound call management. It's not meant to replace an existing telephone line, but rather in conjunction with it. It works best as an extension of an existing phone system, whether it be a home office, voip, mobile or even an enterprise business setup. Virtual phone service is designed for quick deployment and for provividing the ability to scale in response to the demands of today's mobile business environment.

Why Use a Virtual Phone Number?

  • Adds a layer of security for your business and you.
  • Call reporting provides insight to call acitivty.
  • Project a professional image to callers at all times.
  • Stay connected while on the go, anywhere you are.
  • Stay focused by screening and managing your calls.
  • Manage your business communications from anywhere, anytime.

Key Benefits of Cloud-based Telecommunications

  • Scales quickly and easily so you can be more flexible.
  • Low maintenance costs means you save money and time.
  • Secured communications network protects your business.
  • Enterprise-level redundancy means better reliability.
  • Crystal-clear connections so no one knows you're 'in the cloud'.
  • Budget sensitive pricing means you get more for less.
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